Online construction management software to manage RFIs, ASIs, submittals and CORs

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  • Do you have between 1,000 and 10,000 or more RFIs, ASIs, submittals etc. on your projects?
  • Is this never-ending paperwork taking too much of your valuable time?
  • Are you interested in online construction management, and don't want to have to maintain and update software?
  • Do you want to have data available on your own computer as well as online?
Construction Communicator™ can help. 
This online construction management software is the easiest way to streamline the time-sensitive construction paperwork that affects the day-to-day progress of the job.  
With this Web-based construction project management software, you're up and running quickly, with little or no training. Right away, you can start tracking questions, and providing the answers, comments and other information essential to moving the project forward.  
If you want, you can even download up-to-date PDFs of the online RFIs, ASIs and submittals. 
This is the choice for architects, contractors, owners and construction managers who need to manage their contract administration paperwork more effectively, even if they're part-way through the job. 
If you can surf the Web, you are ready for online construction management.
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